Friday, January 9, 2009

They Look Cute....

So this was going to be a brag post, I have gotten tons of stuff done so far this year. Like these really adorable Christmas Trees.

Yea, I know it is after Christmas, but I've had them knit since Christmas '07 and now they are done. The yarn is all stuff I had in my stash. Left to right Yarn Bee (exclusive to Hobby Lobby) Highland Thistle, Caron Bliss, and Bernat Velour. I found the pattern on a blog in '07, but it doesn't exist anymore. I also added the cute pom pom garland. I found a tutorial for that via the Craft Magazine blog ( Cute stuff right? One of my brags. Except for two things....

Zeke and Frankie. Yea, their cute but the stuff they do is not so cute. They are spoiled and get away with everything. Here is what I found this morning.

One little tree in the hallway.

And another garland tree, mutilated in the living room. I have worked on the garland for this tree 3 times!

And last, but not least they destroyed a really neat coaster I made Aaron for our anniversary a few years ago.

Normally I wouldn't be so upset about coasters. These coasters however, survived the old house! If you saw my old house you understand. Not only did they survive they survived the coffee table in our living room! Look what Frankie and Zeke are going to meet....

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