Monday, February 2, 2009

Where in the World

Hóla My American friends. Getting ready to leave for Perú took forever. I kept thinking I would have time to post, especially considering I stayed up all night before I left. It never happened though. There is Perú in pink. I am still in the Wisconsin time zone. Weird huh? I would never have expected that.

I was on airplanes FOREVER! And I hate landing, it hurts my ears. It really is sort of like being on a bus. Someone gave me that comparison and it is very true. Sunsets above the clouds are really pretty and I am bummed my camera battery wasn´t charged. I flew from Milwaukee to Washington D.C. for a little over 1 hour, D.C. to Houston, Texas for a little over 3 hours, Houston to Lima Perú for 10 HOURS! and then Lima to Arequipa, Perú for almost 2 hours. Too long. Who knew airplane food is really good though? Seriously, maybe only vegan meals, because that is what they gave me, but Sunflower Bakery ( has some awesome chocolate chip cookies.

Then once you get off the airplane everything takes forever. Deplaning, customs, finding your luggage. My suitcase strap was broken too. Instead of being able to pull it on wheels I had to carry it. I don´t feel too bad though. I broke the headset on the flight from Houston to Lima. The headset plugs into the armrest. I fell asleep and the girl next to me needed to go the the bathroom. I just stood up. I forgot the headset was in my ears. I had the plastic piece, but the metal prongs were still in the armrest. I guess Continental and I are even. I at least said I was sorry to the attendant though.

Here is Arequipa´s relationship within Perú:

Isn´t it cool I can add accent marks to words and what not. They have extra keys on South American keyboards. I don´t know what all the lines on that map mean, it was just the best one I found via Google Images.

Most people know some English and they ask my lots of questions about America. How many names do I have? How many languages do I speak? Where all in the world have I already gone? My favorite question is: How was your sweet 16 party? I totally didn´t understand why they would ask that until someone explained that they like to watch MTV here including "My Super Sweet Sixteen." People here thought most Americans were like that. No wonder people think Americans are crazy when that is all they see. It would be like my judging Spanish speakers based on the Telemundo soap operas.

I leave you with one of my new favorite things I found in Perú. Inca Kola.

It is my new favorite soda. Coke is to America, what Inca Kola is to Peru. I really like it. I will hopefully be able to show pictures I have taken once I figure out where the USB port is.

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  1. Is Carmen Sandiego?

    Seriously, your post's title made me think of that immediately.